A Well Known Nationwide Training Organisation PLC

Concerns: Synchronised Continuity of Data and Databases with improved reliability

This major client is a nationwide training organisation that has 7 remote sites spread all over the UK and a further acquisition meant there was to be a further 4 sites to migrate into the existing system. The head of operations wanted a simpler and flexible IT system that could expand and easily integrate any further acquisitions taking into account the different training databases and multiple sites.

Areas of Concerns

The business is spread out with 11 branches scattered across the country. 1st line support is provided by their own staff which can support workstations and printers. A risk and health assessment highlighted a few security issues with network security. There were several issues with performance and local IT “islands” forming.


DDS applied a private cloud solution with the client’s own servers accessed by terminal services that allows access for some 180 plus staff to access their admin server and SQL database. DDS then added a new SQL server that would free up the resources of the admin server and allow further different databases to be added as and when further acquisitions were made. Access from the remote sites was greatly improved via DDS point of presence connection. Our connection has no contention disabilities that hinder the bandwidth that ADSL and SDSL have. This means our connection isn’t shared with any other business and is connected directly to the UK backbone of the internet. The client’s servers are hosted in an air conditioned room with CCTV security. All the servers are proactively monitored and protected with a large uninterruptable power supply that’s backed by an emergency generator. Access to the physical servers is via a biometric scanner so that we have complete accountability within DDS. The structured server system is now able to expand with the company and performance issues have been addressed.

DDS manage the 2nd and 3rd line support though our help desk and can assist the 1st line support, keeping cost down.