Hosting your servers

We host your servers so you don’t have to.

There’s no need for them to take up space at your premises, in this day and age everything can work remotely. So we’ll hold the servers for you, and then, should anything go wrong, we can be right on hand to fix the problem from our offices.

Providing your systems with the benefits of backups, air conditioning, UPS, generator backup, physical security, CCTV security and a larger broadband access point of presence to our building that will enhance your remote access experience.

Our “Traffic Lights” System

We have a system in place at our premises that highlights all the servers we work with, proactively monitored 24/7 and displayed in our help desk centre. The condition of all of the servers is displayed using a traffic light system.

Green: Tells us there’s nothing wrong and nothing to worry about: everything is running as normal.

Amber: Highlights to us that a service or a condition may have failed or had difficulty and that attention is required. It hasn’t affected the system severely enough to stop any vital service and may not be noticeable by the end users. However, it does need to be addressed to stop this condition potentially developing into a red condition. This may be as simple as;

    • Security updates failed
    • A backup failed
    • Antivirus update failed
    • A hard disk read error

DDS is alerted to check your systems and find the issue before it creates a problem for your business.

Red: This tells us we need to take swift action, and we’ll be right on the phone to resolve any issues that have come up. If that involves coming to your premises, we’ll be there the same day. Generally, our Service Level Agreement contracts specify for visits to mission critical equipment on our client’s premises to be within 4 hours but our statistics from 2012/2013 have shown that:

  • 80% were within 1 hour
  • 15% were within 2 hours
  • 5% were in 3 hours (this was down to geographical location).
  • DDS strive to ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible, minimising the impact on your business.

This proactive system allows us to keep track of all the servers we manage and more often than not we’ll spot a problem before it’s even apparent to your IT operations so we can act fast and combat it before it impedes your business.