Network installations

A solid network is the foundation for technology as we know it; from cabled connections to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions, we have the capabilities to ensure your network is installed correctly and runs smoothly for your business.

We can streamline the way your company works

We can streamline the way your company works by having an effective and efficient network. From start to finish we offer a network managed solution for the majority of tasks within your office. This means we can take care of your:

  • Internet connection
  • Fax facilities
  • Printers & photocopiers
  • Databases and applications
  • Files and folders
  • Calendars
  • Email facilities

Other key benefits that come from having a network infrastructure with DDS include:

  • Centralised data security
  • Back-up routines
  • Hot-Desk capabilities
  • Instant internal e-mail
  • Managed anti-virus solutions

With a team of experienced installation engineers, we can supply all the essentials to go with your cable and network solution, such as:

  • Communications cabinets
  • Patch panels and floor boxes


There’s no safeguard against it, but over time computers start to ‘slow down’. More often than not, it isn’t your machine suffering from age, rather the surrounding technology becoming more and more demanding on your computer.

At DDS, we provide a fully trained systems engineer to manage all your system upgrades, advising you about bottlenecks and what the possible solutions are for your system.

Popular upgrades that we provide include:

  • Workstations
  • Server performance
  • Internet
  • Email system
  • Platform migration
  • Software
  • Domain name
  • Printers
  • Network development

Our IT support is tailored to your business needs and can include everything from:

New components to new complete PC’s.
Streamlining resources to implementing new systems and upgrades.

Reconfiguration and installations to ensure future compatibility of your computer systems.

Installation of the latest version of popular software packages, such as Microsoft Office.

Replacing older models with more modern solutions.

Ensuring that your cabling and access points are up to date.

With a professional service we ensure all your upgrades run smoothly from planning to implementation, and keep you in the know every step of the way; with relevant time scales and an aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

Software Supply and Installation

We have all the know-how to be able to supply you with expert advice on software packages for supply and installation.

Providing you with a software solution that is tailor-made to suit your business, covering:

  • Operating systems
  • Office applications
  • Anti-virus
  • Email solutions
  • Backup software
  • Accounting packages
  • Database solutions
  • Security utilities
  • Multimedia software

To ensure a professional installation and seamless integration within your network every IT solution we supply can be installed by one of our skilled engineers.

If you require that extra touch, we also have close links with software developers to provide you with bespoke solutions to meet your requirements, including:

  • Client management tools
  • Stock control and order management