Antivirus Protection

There are many horror stories about internet hackers. It is extremely important to make sure your internet security is up to date, but it’s also important that it is effectively managed and that it covers your entire IT infrastructure.

Here at DDS we provide you with internet security that is managed and tailored to your business, ensuring that everything is covered. We make sure that you have the correct firewalls in place and that all your laptops, PC’s, company mobiles etc. are covered and protected.

Not only do we provide and install your internet security, we manage it too to ensure that viruses don’t get in to your system and slow down your computer, or worse, access and corrupt those all-important files.

Security Suite

The Complete Security Suite protects you anywhere and everywhere, delivering the best protection to save you time and money.

It encompasses all these Sophos Elements:

  • Web Protection; the best of Endpoint, Cloud and Gateway to protect all your users, wherever they are

  • Encryption; deployed from Sophos and managed through our systems

  • Mobile Security; for all your SmartPhone devices

  • SophosLab Analysis; your protection is constantly monitored, and it will keep an eye on websites to avoid threats, spam and more

  • Best of all it’s a really simple tool to use.

Sophos Anti-Virus - Business

Simple, essential protection for less.

Sophos Anti-Virus secures your Windows, Mac and virtual systems against malware, adware and any potentially dangerous files.

  • Proven automatic protection, that identifies new malware threats

  • Managed from one console to save time, and make protection effortless

  • Blocks threats, without hindering your productivity

  • Frees up your time, to get on with what’s important

  • Works alongside you in the background.

Sophos Endpoint Protection - Business

Critical threat and web protection to protect all your devices; laptops, desktops, and also your email, without stretching your budget.

  • An integrated solution that secures your Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual systems

  • Protects against; Malware, Adware and suspicious files

  • Minimises the impact on computer performance with independent tests

  • Full visibility and control of web activity with Web Filtering in Endpoint

  • Gives you control over your devices, so you can set rules for usage

  • Utilises PrivateCrypto to encrypt emails and files saved in removable storage.

Sophos Mobile Control

Device, Application, Email management and Security for all your users on the latest mobile technology.

  • Keeps your company data safe

  • Helps secure, monitor and control mobile devices with over-the-air control

  • Self-service portal to make mobile management easy

  • Simplifies the issues of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Single solution for all SmartPhones and devices

  • Enroll devices and push out policies over-the-air

  • Remotely locate, lock and wipe devices if they go missing

Sophos Safegaurd Encryption

The SafeGuard Encryption tool ensures that your data cannot be accessed by hackers, no matter where it is stored.  It provides;

  • Data Protection everywhere; stops data breaches and makes compliance simple

  • SafeGuard Management Centre; set up and manage encryption, policies and data protection from one unified centre

  • Microsoft BitLocker; easy to centrally administer security policies, and easily recover with key backup facilities

  • Encrypt Removable Media; automatically encrypt file on removable devices, and easily share within your company

  • Cloud Storage Encryption; encrypt files uploaded to cloud storage for added security

Sophos Cloud Endpoint

Endpoint Security as a service gives you essential protection if you have offsite users or remote offices, or you just want protection that deploys quickly and easily.

  • Cloud based; means you have instant deployment, upgrades and coverage wherever you are

  • Simple Security; with built-in optimised protection, with fewer settings so it’s quicker and easier to use

  • Cloud Managed Endpoint; so you can manage and follow your users across different systems

  • Built for Business; to provide proven protection across your business

Hosted Solution; never worry about updates or upgrades, it’s covered.